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Workshop Dolomiten

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Photography is my passion. It's like a drug. While creating photographs, I forget the world around me. It's an escape from everyday stress, allowing myself to recharge my batteries.

I love photography. It's the expression of what and how I feel. It gives me balance and inner serenity. 

I guess simplicity brings balance, freedom and joy. Most of us filled our days with time-consuming commitments like work, home, kids, community, etc. It is same for me, always running, always being stressed out. But with my hobby i spend so much more time in nature, and the more I do, the more relaxed and balanced I am.

Life is a journey, a wonderful odyssey. But some people just wander around in circles. Caught in a rut, break out, become an explorer. Try new ways, new things, explore new paths and take the mystery road in front of you. Don't look back too much, see the new opportunities you have in each single new day.

Have a wonderful one.



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