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How to do Motion Blur Effect on trees

1/15 Sek. / f4.0 / 80 mm / ISO 500

Hey all

Today I would like to describe how you can make pictures with "Motion Blur". These kind of capture looks more like a painting but in fact, they are photographs. Some of my friends already asked me about how to do them, and therefore I have made the great decision to write this blog about.

A few months ago I have checked Google for exactly that topic, but wasn't very successful. Guess it was more because I did not have the right keywords for. I contacted a photography friend (thanks Martin!) and thanks to him, and the correct keyword, I found plenty of articles in the World Wide Web :-).

Make sure you prepare yourself for the right composition. I have gone out so many times already, and the most important conclusion I have made is, that the spot should be serene as possible. Disturbing branches or scrub everywhere can give a restless, anxious feeling to the viewer.

And that's how it works:

Change your camera settings to the mode "shutter priority". Shutter priority refers to the setting on your camera that allows you to choose a specific shutter speed while the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure correct exposure. Set the shutter speed somewhere in between 1/8 to 1/20. In this range I have achieved the best results. And make sure the light conditions are good. You do not want to have ISO up to 5000, yes? :-)

Place yourself in the proper position that you have chosen before the shot. Hold the camera in both hands (no tripod).

Move your wrists, upwards or downwards, very quick after having pressed the shutter release to capture the image. Actually my whole body tenses, but that may just be my style. Just make sure to move the camera very quick up or down, after you have pressed the shutter release. This technique requires a lot of experimentation and moreover, you will need to delete many pictures, but the more you try and the closer you get to the right speed and movement, the better results you have. Keep taking pictures and check straight away!

And please be aware about that:

It looks quite strange to people that don't know what the hell you are doing! They only see you in the middle of the forest, holding you camera in both hands and moving very quick up and down with upper body. So please have a good understanding for their reaction :-) Some will call emergency, others will run (as fast as possible).

1/15 Sek. / f 4.0 / 80 mm / ISO 500

1/20 Sek. / f 7.1 / 82 mm / ISO 320


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