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Photoworkshop Dolomites

Dolomites / South Tyrol 21.06.-25.06.2017


This 5-day photography workshop (maximum 4 participants) will lead us into the wonderful and fascinating world of the mystic lakes and unique mountain landscapes of the South Tyrol. June is one of the most intense seasons of the year. The smell of blooming flowers and spring in general will guide us to the most wonderful places in the Dolomites. We will find this natural jewel in the North of Italy where there are plenty refreshing emerald green lakes to jump into and many evergreen meadows with impressive mountains to frame a spectacular landscape scenery. Southern Tyrol is simply awesome for all outdoor lovers, hikers, climbers and alpinists and of course: a paradise for photographers.  



This journey is aimed at both, beginners and advanced hobby photographers along with landscape photographers, who would like to spend a few very intensive days working with the fundamentals of photography. Due to the location of the retreat, physical fitness is a real benefit as there will be some steep hikes from time to time to get between the great locations. Depending on the overall fitness of the group, I will adjust the program to suit.

This workshop will help you to sharpen your senses, recognise motifs, eliminate disturbing elements and to say it very simply: allow you to take better pictures and find your own style.



* Aperture

* Shutter speed


* Focal length

* White balance

* Correct focusing of the image

* Composition selection

* Handling varying light conditions

* Perspectives / Lines

* All about Filters (Landscape Polariser, Big Stopper, ND (Neutral-Density)

* Long exposure

Required Equipment

* Basic knowledge of the camera

* DSLR Camera

* Standard lens, in addition if you have: Telephoto, Zoom, Macro, Wide Angle

* Tripod

* Camera remote control shutter release

* Headlamp

* Backpack for camera gear

* Hiking shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing & active wear

* Physical fitness for daily hikes of approximately 2 - 3 hours




Minimum 2, maximum 4 people. I would like to keep it small to ensure that we can work close together and that all participants can profit as much as possible.


CHF 1'200.--

Your benefits

* Single room (incl. half board) in all the hotels

* Overnight stay in the mountain hut Dreizinnenhütte in rooms of 2, maximum 3 people

* Half Board and bed lines at Dreizinnenhütte (a thin silk or cotton sleeping bag is required for hygiene)

* Trip from and back to Zurich in a Minivan (however depending on the number of participants we may travel in my      private car)

* Trip to all the locations (including any tolls)

Not included

* Food while out during the day

* Drinks

* Insurance cover

* Your trip to and from our starting location in Zurich



Day 1, Wednesday, 21.06.2017

We will leave Zurich at 11am and head to the Dolomites (more details to be provided closer to the date). Once we arrive and after checking in we will have a pleasant sit down and welcome drink. This will give us a chance to discuss what we expect from this workshop, our individual goals and some more information about the rest of the trip. 


After dinner we will hike up to a very nice location close to the hotel to find a great spot to frame  the old church of St. Magdalena with the Dolomites in the background. We hope for a spectacular evening sky as well as some nice lights on the hills which surrounds the church perfectly.


Day 2, Thursday, 22.06.2017

In the early morning we will visit the old and popular Chapel of St. Johann in Ranui. In the end of June there is still a chance of fog, so let's hope for the perfect morning, some clouds in the background can make this a very special shot.


After an early dinner we leave the hotel and start our hike up to the Geisleralm (approximately 1.5 hours) where we will take the photograph of the famous old mountain hut with the nice reflection of the Dolomites in a small little lake. This is one of my favorite places in the area.

Day 3, Friday, 23.06.2017

We will have the chance to sleep a little longer on this morning and after breakfast we will have to leave this awesome place for our next destination. We will travel to Lago di Braies and spend the whole day there. We can explore the wonderful area looking for the perfect shots. There is a nice trail which surrounds the lake completely which makes for a nice stroll and provides many great opportunities. After dinner we will be perfectly prepared and ready for our awesome evening shots of Lago di Braies. 

Day 4, Saturday, 24.06.2017

We will start the day with an early morning shot of Lago di Braies and after breakfast we will have to move on from this special lovely place for our final location, the Tre Cime of Lavaredo. Since it is quite close we will have the chance for a relaxed hike up to the mountain hut Dreizinnenhütte. Be prepared, and make sure to remember your hiking shoes! After arriving we will explore the area, there are so many different spots.


After dinner we will have the chance to capture the nice evening scenery. Whoever still has the energy is welcome to join for a walk under the night sky. Hopefully we will have no clouds because the Milky Way is just so bright and spectacular in that area.

Day 5, Sunday, 25.06.2017

There is no time to sleep :-) We will wake up early to have the chance to find the right spot for the morning shoot. Colors and lights are so exciting, depending on weather conditions, and give many opportunities for the perfect pictures. Be prepared.

After breakfast we will leave the mountain hut early enough to take it slow on the hike down to the parking area. We should leave the parking spot by midday latest for the trip back to Zurich.




What you have to know about this workshop and in general

To wake up early is a must if you want to be successful in landscape photography. Colors are very different throughout the day. In the early morning you have more intense colors and in addition more soft tones, same as in the evening. During day we always have the chance to relax a bit. I will be always available for you all, but if you need to have a rest feel free to take your time. 


We will always make time to have lunch together and I personally appreciate this moment of the day very much. We can sit, relax and have nice discussions about photography. This will allow you to ask any question in a relaxed group setting.


We will also have many chances to make short breaks and buy some snacks/drinks somewhere.


Ideally we will have fantastic weather conditions in this week. In June the temperature differences can still be considerable, especially at these altitudes. That's why the right outdoor clothing is the most important thing. For this, I will send you a PDF with a checklist for your equipment and your wardrobe in advance of our trip.


I reserve the right to make any changes to the program as a result of the weather. It is a trip into nature and unfortunately I have no control on the weather conditions on site. A superior and cautious behavior to minimize the risk of injury is my first priority. Nevertheless, I would like to mention that all travel activities are at your own risk.

Insurance is in the responsibility of each travel participant. As organizer and workshop manager I am excluded from any liability. The workshop is conducted in all weather conditions. By registering for this course the participant confirms that he has understood this important information and thus accepts this clause.

If you are interested and you would like to sign in, I kindly ask you to send me a short email to my address Feel free to ask all your questions. 


I am looking forward,

















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